A little personal, but have you had your annual yet?

Air Conditioning Service

A little personal, but have you had your annual yet?

A little personal, but have you had your annual yet? 692 462 Chinook

So, I’m in line at the Safeway in Kennewick and a man taps me on the shoulder and says, “Have you had your annual yet?” Not recognizing the voice, I spin around ready to do combat if necessary with this man who would dare to ask such a personal question, only to find my technician from Chinook who does my air conditioning service smiling at me. I had to laugh as I answered, “it’s time, isn’t it?”

You know, that’s what is great about doing business with Chinook; their team becomes your team, they make it personal because they live in the community. But back to the issue at hand, air conditioning service and the fact that spring is the perfect time to have your unit serviced for summer.

What does air conditioning service consist of?

Every air conditioning service plan is different, but the basics are:

  • Inspect/clean evaporator coils and condenser coils
  • Clean and inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect compressor for proper start up
  • Check refrigerant level for proper charge
  • Check fan coil for proper operation
  • Check thermostat
  • Replace filters

This annual service performed as part of your spring cleaning will mean that when you need the cool air in the summer it will come flowing out of the vents.

Can’t I do basic air conditioning service myself?

There are parts of the air conditioning service annual maintenance that you can do, but there are most of the task are best performed by a professional HVAC technician like the guys at Chinook. I mean I know we can all change filters and should regularly, and we can even pour bleach down our condensate drains regularly once our tech shows us where they are, but the rest is a little over most novice DIY levels.

Air conditioning service can be contracted to make it easier

Many companies offer air conditioning service contracts that include the various preventative maintenance and discounts on emergency services. Ask your HVAC professional about these types of programs while they are there performing the annual service.

Take control and get ready for the unusually cold winter for the Tri-Cities area by calling Chinook Heating and Air at 509.736.1211. They’ll help you be ready when that cold hits.