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In ductless air conditioning, a ductless mini split unit is a great addition to an existing home, an office, and other types of buildings that need a flexible option for heating and cooling individual rooms. Mini splits are normally used where a central air system with ductwork is simply unfeasable or unaffordable.

What is ductless air conditioning / Mini Split System?

Like normal central air systems, mini splits have an outdoor unit that connects to the indoor unit. The difference with mini split systems is that the outdoor unit can support as many as four indoor units, all with their own conduit that runs to the outdoor compressor or condensor. Each indoor unit has its own thermostat which allows you to turn off systems when they aren’t in use, saving energy and money.

Installing a mini split air handler is quite simple. Most are normally hung on a wall, but some units can sit on the floor, hung from a ceiling, or even installed flush with a drop ceiling for a clean look. For the hookup to the outdoor unit, a three inch hole is cut for the conduit to run through the wall.

More Information

If you think a mini split is the right system for you click here to visit energy.gov where you can read in greater detail about the advantages and disadvantages of ductless mini split systems.