Does regular HVAC Maintenance increase your home value?

HVAC Maintenance

Does regular HVAC Maintenance increase your home value?

Does regular HVAC Maintenance increase your home value? 1000 642 Chinook

Is your home a loved home or an orphan home? A realtor here in Kennewick explained this concept to me the other morning at breakfast. I was explaining the dilemma one of my clients was having about their HVAC system prior to putting their home on the market. They were considering two things:

  • Should they point out their HVAC maintenance contract even though it is 10 years old?
  • Since they have renovated the rest of the house, should they replace their system?

Her answer was interesting, it seems realtors and buyers can tell which homes have had great care, “loved homes” and homes where maintenance was optional and dependent on monthly budget allowance, “orphan homes”.

According to my realtor friend, although you’ll never get a 100% ROI on replacing an HVAC, homes where maintenance was a regular priority are scrutinized far less and sell for much more! More of the do’s and don’ts here.

Knowing when to stop … HVAC maintenance is bigger than you think.

When people are considering selling their home, many times they don’t know where to stop when it comes to home repairs or upgrades. My realtor friend says oddly enough, while curb appeal and appearance are important, most people are looking for a home with good bones, including an HVAC system that has been well maintained.

People are looking at the “big ticket” items: roof, flooring, HVAC, electrical, plumbing. These are the items that show the difference between a loved home and an orphan home.” So, here’s how you decide what balance works for you:

  • Consider your audience-if you’re selling a million dollar plus home, the buyer’s needs are a little different and that new HVAC while not paying 100% ROI, will still probably net you more dollars in your pocket.
  • Do you homework, know how to market the “maintenance contract” on your HVAC system and the value it has returned; how it adds to the life expectancy of the unit.
  • It you decide to upgrade cooling and heating, it doesn’t have to be the entire unit. Talk to your HVAC contractor about what upgrades provide the best ROI. Simple upgrades like smart home thermostats are appealing to home buyers and affordable.
  • Sell people on the energy efficiency of HVAC maintenance and also on the health benefits of an air purifier.

Bottom line, does HVAC maintenance add to the value of your home? My realtor friend says it makes more of a difference then you realize, at least here in Kennewick.

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