Improving Indoor Air Quality and AirSense

Improving Indoor Air Quality and AirSense

Improving Indoor Air Quality and AirSense 750 500 Chinook

Improving indoor air quality begins with knowledge. For instance, have you ever heard of “Sick Building Syndrome”? This is a real problem not only in commercial facilities, but in residential properties as well. In residential properties the culprits causing the illness are everything from pets, to plants, to cooking, extermination, hairspray, perfume, cleaning solutions, and the list goes on and on with everyday things that pollute the air inside our homes. Problem is, these are things that aren’t going away anytime soon either, so monitoring and improving indoor air quality is more important than ever.

Another tidbit, room sprays, candles and air fresheners, even antibacterial products do not have the power of improving indoor air quality. In fact, many of these products instead of being helpful, only add to the decline of your indoor air quality.

Why is improving indoor air quality so important?

Consider this, not improving indoor air quality can effect our health seriously. In fact, poor indoor air quality is the leading cause of respiratory illnesses, chronic lung disease and even cancer. Improving indoor air quality is sounding a little more important now, right? Imagine what poor indoor air quality can mean for someone with a compromised immune system, or the elderly, or even your family member with asthma.

Fortunately, Mi Zhang, an assistant professor at Michigan State University is working on a technology that not only will monitor indoor air quality, but also provide a report of the problems your indoor air is experiencing with recommendations on improving quality based on real data.

AirSense, improving indoor air quality

“AirSense” provides intelligent home based monitoring of your indoor air, providing you with the information you need for improving indoor air quality. The AirSense device lets you know what is in your air, how long it lingers and what modifications need to made in your habits to facilitate improving quality. According to the EPA, “For most indoor air quality problems in the home, source control is the most effective solution.”  Source control is exactly what you will have with AirSense.

Improving indoor air quality will be made easy with a detailed weekly report. It’s not just the data though, it’s the fact that this unit will suggest modification for improving, setting it apart from any competition.

AirSense is now only available for home use, however Zhang hopes that in the future there will be a commercial product that be used in improving indoor air quality for office buildings, shopping malls and other public areas.

Call Chinook today and learn more about the need for improving indoor air quality and find out how AirSense can be put to work in your home.

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  • It’s so important to have good air quality in your home! There are disastrous side effects to your health if you don’t. Thanks for sharing!