Accolades for quality HVAC service in the Kennewick area abound.

quality HVAC service

Accolades for quality HVAC service in the Kennewick area abound.

Accolades for quality HVAC service in the Kennewick area abound. 4500 2400 Chinook

When was the last time you looked at the website and checked out the Accolade section? Can you say over achievers? Here are just a few:

  • Third Fastest Job Growth in Washington State-Tri-City Herald 2016
  • #1 Purchasing Power for Minimum Wage 2016
  • #6 Ten Best Cities for STEM 2015
  • #1 Fastest Growing Retail Sales in Washington State-Tri-City Herald 2015
  • And more, check them out

The point is, quality HVAC service could easily be added to that list because of local companies like Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning.

How do you find a quality HVAC service company?

What does a quality HVAC service company look like?

  • Quality service is performed by licensed technicians. This assures they have the expertise and skills needed to perform the work and they are completing their continuing education so they are well versed in newer technology and improvements in the HVAC industry.
  • Quality service is performed by a company that is bonded and insured. Accidents can and do happen, make sure your home is covered.
  • Quality service companies perform: they arrive when they say, complete the job in a timely manner and clean up and explain the repair to you prior to leaving.
  • Quality service includes talking to you about maintenance contracts that can save you money and make your equipment last longer.
  • Quality service is reviewing your system every time they touch it.
  • Quality service includes making recommendations for efficiency and estimated timelines for replacement so you can plan ahead.
  • Quality service means when you Google companies like Chinook in Kennewick, you see the accolades their customers throw their way.

Don’t settle for less than quality HVAC service in the tri-cities area, give Chinook a call today at 509.736.1211. Let them introduce to that quality HVAC service. Don’t forget to leave them an accolade on Google, spread the word quality HVAC service is here to stay in the tri-city area.