My little piggies want radiant heating.

Radiant heating

My little piggies want radiant heating.

My little piggies want radiant heating. 668 491 Chinook

I know there is some saying about “Cold feet, warm heart”, or something like that, but I for one am not in favor of cold feet, my little piggies want radiant heating cause my little piggies like to be warm!

Many homes throughout the world are warmed using radiant heating. In fact, in Europe, it’s just how it’s done. Homes in the US, including the Tri-city area, however have forced air central heating systems. Air is blown through ducts and heat enters the home via grills in the floors, walls or ceilings.

How does radiant heat work?

Radiant heat, unlike our forced air system, is accomplished by installing piping under the floor and running hot water through those pipes. The heat capacity in water exceeds air, so the radiant heat system is actually more efficient. The warmth radiates upward warming the space (after all, warm air rises), but best of all (okay just in my opinion) the pigs are warm!

Radiant heat is not for everyone.

Radiant heat while increasing in popularity due to the more energy conscious nature of Americans is not really for all areas. Sunny hot southern Texans would not necessarily benefit from a radiant heat system in their home as they rarely see freezing temps and if they do, it is for a very limited amount of time. In fact, with an average temp of 75 degrees they stay pretty toasty.

Here in the Tri-city area where we can dip into the negative temps for prolonged periods, radiant heating can be a great option, lowering operating cost by 35%. There is a trade-off however; radiant air systems are higher priced with installation cost running around $16 to $20 per SF.

Why radiant heat?

Energy efficiency is one of the many reasons to consider radiant heat, but reality is, most people install it for comfort. In fact, over 90% of people install radiant heat for comfort.

There are other advantages however, the system is quiet, just water running through a line. No blowing air stirring up dust, dog hair, etc. Silent warmth that is adjustable by the room, something rarely done in the standard forced air systems for residential use.

One of the larger markets for radiant heat is in retirement communities, where cold floors can add to joint pain and discomfort.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about radiant heating and how it can help control efficiency in your home and keep your pigs warm, give Chinook a call. They can educate you on the system and explore if it is the right option for you. Located in Kennewick in the tri-cities area Chinook is open Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, closed on Sunday. They can be reached 24/7 at 509/736-1121. Call Chinook today!