Using smart home technology to talk to your cooling system… intimately.

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Using smart home technology to talk to your cooling system… intimately.

Using smart home technology to talk to your cooling system… intimately. 785 490 Chinook

I’m all for technology, but I went to my son’s house the other day to meet a delivery guy and when I got there my son using his smart home technology unlocked the door, had the house greet me and turned on the cooling system so I’d be comfortable while I waited. I’m fully expecting a Mother’s Day gift from the house at this point, as we’re on a first name basis.

Seriously, smart home technology has become a real thing today and one of the main uses is to control the cooling system in the home. Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning can show you how to utilize smart home technology, allowing you can set a different temp for each room of your home. No more, “You have this whole house so cold I need a parka!”, just set the temp for each room based on the occupant at the time and you are a hero.

Consider the cost savings when the cooling system is only running when you need it

Smart home technology also allows you to turn your cooling system on and off remotely. This means you get held up at work or called out of town at the last minute, or you just can’t resist a few more hours on the water, you can adjust your system not to come on and save money by staying on empty house mode.

Additional savings are realized because let’s face it not all of us need arctic temps to be comfortable. You like it 68 in the bedroom, your wife likes it 74 in the living room; with smart home technology on your cooling, you both get what you want and you save money by not cooling the living room to arctic conditions.

How does smart home technology work with my existing cooling system?

The technology for your cooling system starts with a programable thermostat that allows you to designate zones in your home; motion detectors in the rooms allow a signal to the system that someone has entered or exited the room and the cooling system will react accordingly. Add in the remote access next, and you are ready to enjoy lower utility bills and a cooling system that will listen and stay off when you decide to go on a hike on a trail near Kennewick at the last minute.

Interested in making your cooling system listen?

If you are interested in finding out more about smart home technology and what it is bringing to the tri-cities area to help cut your cooling system cost call Chinook at 509.736.1211. Your cooling system will be listening in no time.