Leaving town, thermostat controls for travel

thermostat controls for travel

Leaving town, thermostat controls for travel

Leaving town, thermostat controls for travel 1080 720 Chinook

Summer is officially in full swing, the AC is kicked on, the pools ready, vacation is planned, you’re ready to leave and the discussion begins; what lights do we leave on and timer or no timer, do we stop the paper and mail or have the neighbors get it, how are we going to set the thermostat controls for travel, should we just turn the air off? Gotta love it, don’t ya? Just wait till you get on the road and hear “Are we there yet for a couple hundred miles.” Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. LOL!

Thermostat controls for travel, the easy way

Thermostat controls for travel are easy and getting easier every day as technology changes. For now, here are the thermostat controls for travel tips you need from our friends at Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning in Kennewick. Thermostat controls for travel range from a very simple change the setting on your current thermostat to replacing your existing thermostat with one that operates via an app on your smartphone. So, let’s talk about each.

  • Thermostat controls for travel are easy on the old-style dial or low end digital thermostats, simply change the temps by turning the dial or pressing the arrow keys up and down. Ah, but what temp provides the most efficient thermostat control for travel? According to Chinook in Kennewick, set your thermostat 4 degrees higher than your normal temp setting when you are home. This will provide ample cooling to ensure your appliances and home interior are protected from damaging humidity and yet provide an easily obtainable cool down when you return. So simple; adjust the thermostat for thermostat controls for travel.
  • Maybe your thermostat is a programmable thermostat that allows for various cooling routines based on occupancy, time of day, etc. This makes it even easier to set thermostat controls for travel. Simply create a program that is “Vacation” which allows you to set the start and end time for that program on the thermostat. Again, you want to have the temperature on the thermostat set for no more than 4 degrees higher than the normal temps you have programmed. If you are like most people you probably have your thermostat sat at 70 for nights and 77 for days or vice versa; add the temps together, divide them by 2 and add 4 degrees for your vacation temp setting. A little tip on this thermostat control for travel method; make sure the program has engage prior to leaving.
  • Now for the “big daddy” of all thermostat controls for travel, the high-tech solution that allows you the power to control your thermostat from your cell phone while you are away. While this type of thermostat control for travel is incredible, realistically, most of us aren’t going to spend our precious vacation monitoring our AC at home, we’re going to set it 4 degrees above our normal temps and roll. The difference is, with thermostat control for travel at your fingertips, right there on your phone, a delayed return isn’t a problem, just adjust your thermostat from where you are. Best of all, headed back and want the house cool when you arrive, pull out your phone and let the cooling begin!

One last interesting fact…

Even though this article is about thermostat control for travel and we have focused on “Summer Travel”, our friends at Chinook let me in on a little secret for that winter vacation. Thermostat control for travel in the winter, take 4 degrees off your normal settings, so just the opposite of summer. Some people who have gas heat will take 6 degrees off, as gas heat back up quicker. If you choose 6 degrees, consider what sub-zero temps or wind chills could mean to the pipes and interior of your home just as a safety precaution.

There it is, thermostat controls for travel. If it’s not just vacation but business travel as well, the connected thermostat might be your best bet. Call Chinook at 509.736.1211. Chinook can help you decide if a thermostat upgrade may be in your future.