Life before a whole house humidifier was electrifying…just ask the cat.

whole house humidifier

Life before a whole house humidifier was electrifying…just ask the cat.

Life before a whole house humidifier was electrifying…just ask the cat. 545 389 Chinook

So, I was in a restaurant in Kennewick the other morning having breakfast and I couldn’t help but overhear a table of old timers talking about the dryness in the air at their homes:

“There’s so much static electricity in my house that the cat’s been stuck to the ceiling all winter.”

“The air’s so dry in my house that ya gotta drink quick or the glass goes dry.”

“The statics so high in my house that it takes two people to pull your shorts out of your pants when you take ’em off.”

Okay, I don’t think it is really that drastic, but I do know that I can wave my hand over my dog and lift him off the couch. LOL!

Moving on, I have heard that a whole house humidifier is probably the answer; at least that’s what the guys in the café said and my buddies at Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning confirmed it.

What is a whole house humidifier?

We’ve all seen the small room humidifiers that are used in single rooms during the winter to make the air moist. The whole house humidifier is the same concept except it is installed on your main system for your HVAC and introduces the moisture at the duct level with control handled by a separate stat much like your current thermostat.

This allows you to adjust the humidity in your home to the perfect level based on the time of year. No more cats on the ceilings.

There are tons of benefits to a whole house humidifier.

I talked to my friends at Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning to get the real low down on what a whole house humidifier could mean and it is impressive:

  • Start with health, did you know that dry air makes you more susceptible to flu and colds? There are viruses too many to mention that thrive in low humidity environments. Maybe it should be “Humidity each day, keeps the doctor away.”
  • Consider the damage dry air can do to your homes interior. Lack of humidity increases dust in the air and on surfaces, causes cracking of paint and drying of silicone caulk in windows and around tubs and showers.
  • Last but not least, think about how much more energy efficiency you will have with a whole house humidifier. A whole house humidifier makes you feel warmer at lower temperatures, saving you energy!

Do I need an entirely new heating and cooling system?

The best thing about the whole house humidifier is, you can install it on your current system! There are even systems that work on radiant or baseboard heating systems. Everyone can benefit; you can even add it when upgrading your system with new equipment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits and installation of a whole house humidifier in the tri-cities areas Call Chinook at 509.736.1211. The cat will thank you.