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What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading My AC Equipment?

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There comes a time when your air conditioner has outlived its useful life and it is time to get a new one. Replacing your A/C with a new system is inevitable but can provide many benefits: cooler air, lower electric bills, fewer hot spots, and less noise. Yet knowing when and what to replace requires professional guidance.

Chinook Heating & Air, licensed in the Tri-Cities region has the expertise necessary to help you find the answers to your A/C or other HVAC questions. Chinook’s technicians are qualified to consult on all aspects of your cooling system, from various upgrades to system retrofits and energy goals. Chinook Heating & Air technicians will test your current system and identify problems and give you recommendations that can help meet your needs. Your home’s square footage, energy use and system cost can all factor into a new A/C installation.

What is the Cost of a new A/C Installation?

An air conditioner is easily one of the most expensive appliances in your home.  Instead of cringing at the thought of a replacement, consider your current monthly upkeep and repair or energy bill.  What is your older unit costing in terms of repairs and efficiency?  The simple truth, an upgrade or new A/C installation could be the most cost-effective long-term solution.  As a partner with a number of entities including Benton PUD’s Energy Efficiency Program and Franklin PUD’s rebates  you can save money or get cash back by installing an energy efficient unit. Chinook can also pass on rebates and discounts for installing ENERGY STAR® certified equipment.  Visit our rebates page to see if you qualify for any current offerings.

Have questions about upgrading?

Our FAQ page has the answers.

It may be time to replace your HVAC System if you:

Have high electric bills.
Have noisy cooling when air conditioner is running.
Have hot spots in multiple rooms of the home.
Have a thermostat that is set low, yet temperature remains high.
Want to adopt more efficient equipment that’s better for the environment.
Want added value to your home.

A Cooling System Should Change with Your Home

Change is inevitable for a home as it ages and settles. Windows no longer have a tight seal, doors get warped or maybe you’ve added a closed in porch or a new addition to your home. A new air conditioning system is much more efficient from an A/C unit even ten years old. Most of our customers get new appliances such as a TV every few years. While an A/C doesn’t need to be replaced that often, after a decade or more of cooling a Tri-Cities home, it may be time to consider a more efficient option.

Perhaps your equipment is only at half its recommended lifetime. However, due to age and use, a retrofit may be needed to expand cooling capacity and cool rooms more efficiently. Chinook Heating & Air can help you calculate the right sized unit needed for your home to help you make a decision about changing to a more efficient system.

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Equipment Has Evolved

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New HVAC equipment and accessories are extremely efficient. The air conditioner you purchased fifteen years ago is no longer available and isn’t up to code for a new installation. For the state of Washington, the government requires new air conditioners to be installed to meet a minimum of 13 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. SEER Ratings are continually updated to lower energy costs in the home and business. SEER ratings are similar to miles per gallon in cars.  The higher the rating, the more efficient the unit. Installing a new system with a higher SEER rating can pay for itself in just a couple of years.

In addition to SEER Ratings, the government has also required the phaseout of some coolants.  By 2020, finding R-22 refrigerant, also known as Freon will become difficult.  For homeowners relying on an old HVAC system, what used to be a simple repair may require a full retrofit.  Today, manufacturers of A/C systems have adopted R-410A coolant,which is more environmentally friendly and government approved.  New A/C systems also have more features available such as variable speed fans and compatibility with smart thermostats to make your system run more efficiently and to make your home more comfortable to live in.

Add Home Equity with a New Air Conditioner

Another time to upgrade an A/C system is when it is time to sell your home. One of the most asked questions is still, “How old is the A/C?”. New homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassle of a replacement or the A/C going out in the middle of a Tri-Cities Summer. One of the best investments in building home equity can be an upgraded A/C system with a smart thermostat that leads to a lower electric bill.

Enjoy the benefits of a new A/C or HVAC retrofit for your home… you’ll be glad you did.  Call Chinook Heating & Air at 509-736-1121 today to schedule a free estimate to update or replace your existing system.

Don't need to replace the whole thing?

Do you need a small part of your HVAC system replaced and don’t want to pay for replacing the whole set-up? We have you covered! We work with all existing HVAC systems.