Gas fireplace service, cleaning, and repair

Your gas fireplace needs maintenance, too!

chinook fireplace service

Providing you with quality, professional fireplace cleaning and repair is one of our goals here at Chinook Heating & Air, Inc. We offer superior service from beginning to end. Our fireplace specialists will precisely inspect and evaluate every fireplace. If any repairs need to be addressed, we review them with you and answer any questions you may have.

We can handle any problem from simple fireplace cleaning to the more extensive fireplace repairs. Our qualified staff will speak with you in a clear manner that you can understand. The technicians are experienced, and they don’t have to come back to the office for a review. Anything we do is discussed with and approved by you, our valued customer.

Keep your fireplace clean and efficient

Have you had your fireplace cleaned this year? Get your fireplace serviced before the upcoming cold winter to ensure it works as expected.