An HVAC service plan built to pay for itself,
for Tri-Cities residents looking to shrink their energy bills.

Get TWO 90 minute tune-ups
each year as a member.
Most companies just want their foot in the door.
A stripped down tune-up is really just a sales call, and we don’t approach our service plans that way.
Get TWO 90 minute tune-ups
each year as a member.

Most companies just want their foot in the door.
A stripped down tune-up is really just a sales call, and we don’t approach our service plans that way.

Membership Highlights

When we’re familiar with your AC system, our costs are lower. We pass these savings along to you:

15% Off Repairs

This alone often covers membership cost.

Lower Diagnostic Rates

Save up to $145 per service call.*

No Overtime Charges

VIP benefits, 24/7.

Free Air Filter

1 free MERV8 furnace filter per visit!

Priority Scheduling

We reserve time on our schedule for members.

Prepaid Inflation Protection

Up to 3 years.

Comfort365+ Savings

Join and unlock even more savings with the 365+

Free Diagnostic Calls*

You read that right.

5% Off Equipment Installation

Must be Comfort 365+ member for 30 or more days.

Air Filter Delivery!

For all local Tri-Cities residents.

Each plan begins with an initial inspection and 90 Minute Tune-up, which costs $128.

*Read our Benefits, Terms and Conditions for more info. Travel fees may apply for customers outside the Tri-Cities.

  • We have a calendar tool you can use to reserve dates and times for your tune-up! You can also call us directly at 509-736-1121. If you prefer email, contact us at

  • We bill your debit/credit card or bank account every 1st or 15th of the month, your choice. Towards the end of your membership we will notify you of your upcoming automatic renewal date.

  • You may cancel any time! Your benefits and auto drafts will end when you send us an email stating your request to cancel the agreement. We will likely call or email to confirm. Read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • If you have an old system that hasn’t been serviced in years,
    getting on a service plan might be the most cost effective way
    to reduce your utility bills.

    For those with new systems and old-
    Without regular tune-ups, you’re missing out on the potential
    30% monthly energy savings your AC system could benefit from.

    Every year your AC system goes without service just makes
    the next year worse, which compounds the problem until
    your system prematurely breaks- and you’ll watch your
    energy bills rise as you reach that breaking point.

Automatic Regular Reminders

The Comfort365 Memberships are designed to help simplify maintenance for you. We understand today’s families are busy, and remembering to schedule an AC tune-up is likely not at the top of your mind. So, we keep track of it for you! You will receive a timely reminder when it is time for each visit.

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An overview of our maintenance checklist,
but certainly not the entirety of it.
  • Clean coils
  • Remove trash or debris from outdoor unit
  • Inspect and level outdoor unit within tolerances
  • Check filter
  • Examine and tighten electrical connections
  • Clean blower assembly
  • test and record voltages and amperages on blower motor
  • Lubricate moving parts as needed
  • Test safety controls
  • Replace any missing screws on equipment
  • Clean and calibrate thermostat
  • Cycle complete system through operations
  • Clean return and grill
  • Record temperature differential
  • Test airflow at registers for proper duct connections
  • Monitor flue draft
  • Clean and adjust burner assembly
  • Clean heat exchanger and examine for possible cracks
  • Test and clean ignition assembly
  • Test and record gas pressure
  • Inspect for gas leaks
  • Record voltages and amperages on heat strips
  • Examine and test all controls
  • Clean and treat condensation drain
  • Clean and treat condensate pump
  • Examine and clean evaporator coil (if accessible)
  • Test and record refrigerant pressures
  • Visually inspect coils and copper tubing for leaks
  • Test defrost cycle
  • Clean and test outdoor fan
  • Record voltages and amperages on compressor and condenser fan motor