Laundry Scrubber®

What is the Laundry Scrubber®?

The Laundry Scrubber® is a better way to do laundry that is healthier for your family, easy on the wallet, and safer for the environment. This cold-water laundry system uses activated oxygen to lift dirt and grime from the fibers of your laundry, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria and eliminating the need for detergent. Rethink the way you do laundry.

Using Laundry Scrubber® is HEALTHIER for your family

Are you tired of shopping around, hoping you have selected a fragrance-free, dye-free detergent that actually lives up to expectations and doesn’t cause itching or redness?  Eliminate the need for detergent and enjoy the benefits of a cleaning process that has been used for over a decade in hospitals, hotels, and laundromats right in your home.

Laundry Scrubber® uses ActivePure® technology, activated oxygen, and cold water to lift dirt, grime, and residue from the fibers of fabric.  Clothing and textiles are left clean, soft, and fluffy.  Fragrances and fabric softeners are no longer needed for fresh and squeezable towels and linens, keeping potentially irritating chemicals away from you and your family’s skin.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tough stains could still require pre-treatment.

  • Laundry Scrubber® will work with all household water qualities, but the better the incoming water quality the better the results. To improve results, if desired, use a water softener for hard water and/or a pre-filter for chlorine.

  • Normal operation of a Laundry Scrubber unit should have no negative impact on elastic clothing.

  • It is not recommended that clothes soak overnight in Laundry Scrubber® water.

SAFER for the environment

Instead of leading oxygen-based powders that require hot water for activation, Laundry Scrubber® works best in cold water.  Even better, it operates without any added chemicals, powders, bleaches or soaps.

When you wash your clothes with detergent and bleach, the chemical-laden water goes down the drain and makes its way to the environment.  The ActivePure® technology in Laundry Scrubber® infuses incoming cold water with cleansing oxidizers that bubble through the wash and break down into basic oxygen in a few minutes, leaving only water and dirt from your laundry to drain through the water waste system.

Even eco-friendly detergents come in boxes, cartons, and plastic containers.  Laundry Scrubber® is a contained system that doesn’t leave behind refuse from continuous purchases!  Feel better about keeping more waste out of landfills.

EASIER on your wallet

Did we mention that you won’t need to buy detergent or use hot water? You’ll save money with Laundry Scrubber®. Most of the cost incurred from doing laundry comes from heating water. Laundry Scrubber®, a cold water system, can knock that cost off your annual laundry bill. Factor in the money you save on detergent, and your family can save $500 a year. The Laundry Scrubber® will pay for itself many times over.

As a bonus, you’ll notice the hidden savings of longer lasting clothing and linens that hold up better through repeated washes. Cold water is easier on laundry, and detergent build-up that weighs down fabrics will no longer be an issue.

With no need for maintenance, the Laundry Scrubber® is your hassle-free total laundry solution