Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier



Humidification – the process of adding moisture to the air is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet it is one of the least understood. One reason is that humidity is an intangible. It can’t be seen, touched, or smelled. It has no color or sound. But its presence, when properly controlled, offers many proven benefits. Humidification during the heating season not only adds to human comfort, but it helps to protect your home and its furnishings from the harmful effects of air that is too dry.

The evidence of air that is too dry is easy to identify. In addition to making one feel uncomfortable, the dry air “steals” moisture from plaster, wood, glue and fabrics. Over a period of time this can result in cracks in ceilings and walls, loose furniture joints and flooring, shrinking mouldings, and loosened wallpaper. Leather dries out, oil paintings crack, house plants tend to wilt, and the piano goes out of tune. An Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier can alleviate the problems of having air that is too dry.

Benefits and Features of the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier

  • Protects your interior – Optimally humidified air helps protect your wood floors, furnishings, and your home’s infrastructure from damage due to low humidity.
  • Relieves dry air symptoms – Properly humidified air also reduces respiratory irritation like asthma, triggered by low humidity and helps alleviate itchy dry skin.  Just the right amount of humidity can also help keep colds and flu at bay.
  • May reduce energy costs – Maintaining healthy humidified air during the colder months can actually help you feel warmer, allowing you to lower your thermostat that leads to reduced heating costs.
  • Operates automatically or manually – Use the included automatic digital humidifier controller to control the unit automatically or manually.
  • Regular drain cycle – After operating for 168 hours, the system automatically drains the canister for freshness.
  • Quiet and easy to maintain – The system performs quietly and requires only a periodic replacement of the low-cost canister for maintenance.
  • Dispersion technology – Prevents condensation in ducts.
  • No water filtration necessary – Drain water flushes with fresh inlet water.
  • Accommodates crawl spaces and attics – Out-of-sight installation.
  • Provides humidity to homes up to 6,200 square feet – Uses up to 23.3 gallons of water per day.
  • Dispersion technology – Prevents condensation in the ducts.
  • HVAC system connection – Humidifier connects to a forced air HVAC system.
  • Five-year limited warranty on equipment – Peace of mind knowing your equipment is covered.
Humidity Control

How the Aprilaire 800 Steam Humidifier Works

The Aprilaire Model 800 Steam Humidifier is a self-contained device that takes clean tap water and boils it, using electrode technology, to create steam. The humidifier generates steam by energizing two electrodes that extend into a canister of water. Electrical current flowing between the electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam. The steam flows through a hose and is injected into a moving airstream by the way of a distribution tube. The steam flows out of the distribution tube into the duct work through a series of tiny tubes which create an even, drip-free transfer of steam into the moving airstream.

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