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Need an air conditioner or heat pump repair? Well, our reviews say it all: we’re one of the best, most recommended A/C repair companies in Kennewick, Richland and Pasco. Our technicians are certified, reliable, and we provide flat rate pricing on all service before the job is started. No surprises! It’s how we’ve been operating since 2000.

The best way to avoid problems with your home’s most expensive appliance is to have scheduled maintenance on your cooling system. But sometimes even regular service can’t prevent malfunctions. When your air conditioner isn’t working as it should, make sure to call a licensed professional.

Chinook Heating & Air has a team of highly trained contractors with the tools and knowledge to help keep your home or business cool and comfortable during hot summer months in Mid-Columbia region. Our crew is honest and reliable, providing A/C repair and service 24 hours a day, even on weekends for emergencies.

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7 Common Air Conditioner Problems

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    This is one of the more common problems we see. Your indoor and outdoor A/C units are connected with copper piping, which is filled with refrigerant that circulates through the equipment to cool your home. Sometimes these copper pipes can become damaged and cause the refrigerant to leak. Fixing a leak is a much safer and cheaper solution to regular refrigerant top offs.

  • Dirty Kennewick AC Coils

    There are two coils in every cooling system: the evaporator coil in your furnace or air handler, and a condensing coil in the outdoor unit. If left unserviced, these coils can accumulate dust and debris, which will decrease the system’s efficiency by as much as 30%. Regular professional cleaning is the best solution to maintaining efficiency.

  • AC compressors in Kennewick, WA

    There are components located inside the compressor of your outdoor unit, which have the potential to burn out. Call Chinook Heating & Air if the outdoor compressor motor makes any loud or abnormal noises. There are other components that must operate correctly so that the motor runs smoothly.

  • Kennewick Capacitor Replacement

    Arguably the most common fix is a capacitor replacement. The compressor and fan motor rely on the capacitor to operate properly, so this is one of the first things a technician checks. Before the capacitor fails it may make a clicking noise, which can alert you to the problem before total failure. Leave the replacement for a professional- oil from a leaky capacitor can be dangerous to touch.

  • Blocked Drain Line in Kennewick

    Your HVAC system dehumidifies your home’s air, on top of cooling it. When the air from your home returns to the air handler, the moisture from that air condenses on the coil. This moisture collects into a drain pan, which connects to a drain line that often runs to the exterior of your home, or sometimes runs to an interior drain line. This drain can become plugged and cause water damage in your home. Clearing this condensate drain line should be part of regular maintenance.

  • HVAC Blower Motor Problems

    Inside your furnace or air handler is a high-powered fan that pushes air into the ductwork and into your rooms, while simultaneously sucking air back into your furnace/air handler to be cleaned and reconditioned. If this motor is out of balance for a long period of time, it could ruin the drive belt, among other things. Also, 15 years is a long time for a motor to run! Sometimes, all you need is a new motor.

  • Leaky ducts in Kennewick, WA

    The average home can easily have more than 100 feet of ductwork, so it’s very possible that there are small holes in your system. On an annual basis it’s important to inspect and fix ductwork leaks that might be found. Fixing these leaks is one of the easiest ways to maximize your system’s efficiency. Call Chinook today to have your ductwork inspected and patched.