Santa called and you need your fireplace serviced now!

Fireplace Service

Santa called and you need your fireplace serviced now!

Santa called and you need your fireplace serviced now! 1022 752 Chinook

Think fast! When was the last time you had a fireplace service performed? It’s just a fireplace, right? A few bricks, some mortar, what can go wrong? I mean let’s face it, it’s really more architectural than anything, right? Think again, left without a regular fireplace service performed, a fireplace can actually kill you. In fact, a fireplace service should actually be performed annually to prevent complications. This is particularly true on a gas fireplace where so many things can go awry. It is a fact that over 4,000 people per year are killed by carbon monoxide and another 10,000 are injured and made sick. Thinking about getting your fireplace serviced now? Check out the statistics here.

What is a fireplace service?

Fireplace service starts with a visual inspection of the fireplace. Is there abnormal discoloration, indication of excessive smoke, are there visible cracks in the firebox? Cracks in the firebox can lead to fire spreading to adjoining walls. Even worse, it could lead to excessive moisture, which could cause corrosion of mechanical parts and excessive smoke.

Next step is removal of the glass, which will be inspected for wear. Excessive wear may indicate a need for adjustments in the mechanical workings and replacement of the worn seal. Both are worth the investment.

Next on the fireplace service checklist is the media, a little soot is normal, excessive soot could mean you have a problem. Be sure to address that problem; it can be as small as an adjustment to a mechanical system to actual replacement of the media.

Still moving down the checklist, the burner is to be inspected next. Warping or cracking damage require replacement. While they are down there, they will check the area around the pilot; wear around this area is best cured by replacement. Remember, these are all areas that can cause serious injury if not maintained properly and that is why a fireplace service annually is needed.

Where do you find a fireplace service company?

Most gas fireplace service companies are actually heating and air conditioning companies. When you consider that the fireplace was one of the first forms of heat in a home, it only it natural that your local heating and air conditioning company would provide a fireplace service.

Be safe, have Chinook come out and do a fireplace service on your home today. For safety and peace of mind, you can trust Chinook. Located in Kennewick in the tri-cities area Chinook is open Monday thru Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, closed on Sunday. They can be reached 24/7 at 509-736-1121. By the way, Santa will be happy too!