Winter is Over, How Did Your Furnace Perform?

Furnace Performance

Winter is Over, How Did Your Furnace Perform?

Winter is Over, How Did Your Furnace Perform? 5472 3648 Chinook

Spring is almost here! Winter is pretty much over and now it’s time to evaluate your furnace performance. Did it meet or fail the test? Should you continue to maintain or replace? Now will give you plenty of time to come up with a game plan before next winter. So where do you start?

Furnace Performance; dollars and sense

Furnace performance is really about dollars and sense. We all know that replacing a furnace can be a very expensive appliance. However, an old furnace can cost more to operate and keep running, depending on its age and efficiency. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!.

Start your furnace performance check by reviewing your electric or gas bills based on the type of fuel your system requires. Check it against last years’ cost, (little tip here, if you are doing this annually, write the current years expense on a label and place it on your indoor unit for reference). Don’t forget to factor in raises in energy cost and extreme variations in temperatures year to year. If costs are up significantly it might be time to dig a little deeper.

How about repairs and maintenance, were they up this year as well? It’s not just the cost of the repair either, it’s the stress when it fails and is critical to have heat. What’s that worth?

How was the warmth of your furnace? Were certain rooms colder than others? Did your furnace operate loudly or even non-stop? Did you find yourself continually changing the thermostat? All of these reasons could be caused by a faulty furnace.

“The Joneses”, compare your heat to others

We all have that neighbor, or maybe we are that neighbor who worries about “Keeping up with the Joneses” But actually, comparing costs on heating with your neighbors is a great way to gauge performance. In many neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities, a builder chose an HVAC contractor. Just like the floor plan, your HVAC system is similar or even identical. Heating costs should be comparable

In fact, you might find your utility company even has this information available to you. You need to check year to year rates anyway, so give them a call and ask.

Furnace performance, when is it time to replace?

There are numerous calculators online once you decide it’s time to consider a replacement due to operating cost and repairs. Newer duel fuel systems and variable speed heating options, plus different types of heating systems such as heat pumps can complicate the purchase. All of these options are now available and make your heat more efficient. It can also save money in the long run. Use an online calculator to get a better idea of value. Here’s a link to one you can try.

Take time to review your furnace performance today. Want help assessing the data, in the Tri-Cities area? Call Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning at 509.736.1211. When it comes to furnace performance, don’t wait, evaluate.