2017 Summer Outlook from Old Farmer’s Almanac – HVAC cooling needed

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2017 Summer Outlook from Old Farmer’s Almanac – HVAC cooling needed

2017 Summer Outlook from Old Farmer’s Almanac – HVAC cooling needed 629 419 Chinook

Okay, I wanted to blame Al Roker or any weatherman for needing to get my HVAC cooling, but nope the Old Farmer’s Almanac is the culprit. Here’s what it says “April and May will be slightly warmer and drier than normal. Summer will be slightly hotter than normal, with near-normal rainfall. The hottest periods will be in late June and early to mid-and-to late July.” Check this out for more detail.

The point remains, summer is going to be real hot and HVAC cooling will be a must in most of our lives.

A little more good news…

While the almanac has already made our day with the news of hotter weather, come June, yes June the real hot month and July, another real hot month, electric rates will increase. Right when you and I are depending on the HVAC cooling to keep us comfortable, wham! It’s going to cost you more,

because electric rates are raising. Check it out here for one PUD.

You can’t blame the electric companies, during peak periods, just like any business, operation cost increase. You need to be realistic however, you can’t live without the HVAC cooling. Nothing is worse than going out and enjoying some outdoor activity in the summer and coming in to no HVAC cooling. Talk about a mood crusher. Wow☹

There is some relief when it comes to HVAC cooling.

Your HVAC cooling is not going away during the summer, and the rates are going to be higher, but you can combat this combo by having your unit prepped for summer HVAC cooling. In fact, if you don’t have a service contract, you might want to ask about one. A service contract usually includes seasonal service start-ups and discounted rates for emergency service calls. Some even include a discount on replacement of equipment.

Just a season start up service can increase the efficiency of your HVAC cooling system and save you money. It is a proven fact that units serviced regularly and particularly at season changes last longer. If you are in the Kennewick area, Chinook Heating and Air is a great place to find out about HVAC cooling systems needs and service.

I don’t think Al or the Old Farmer’s Almanac is going to give us a break on the heat. Don’t just sit there, make the call to Chinook today at 509.736.1211 and talk to them about your cooling needs, from maintenance to repair they can help.