Baby it’s cold in here, you better call a heating service

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Baby it’s cold in here, you better call a heating service

Baby it’s cold in here, you better call a heating service 1420 968 Chinook

One thing you don’t want to hear in the dead of winter is “Hey baby, it’s cold in here, you better call a heating service.” If you do hear that, who are you going to call? If you’re lucky enough to live in the Washington tri-cities area, you can call Chinook and they’ll send someone over.

Heating Service, it starts with prevention

We all know that the best time to call for heating service isn’t when the heat doesn’t work, but in the fall when the first crisp autumn breeze hits. Heating service should be performed every year in the fall to avoid downtime at a critical time.

Companies like Chinook can provide you with a maintenance contract that will include the annual maintenance.

What does annual heating service look like?

Performed annually, a heating service may include the following:

  • Vent system is checked for leaks.
  • Gases are collected, analyzed and the result run against the unit specs.
  • Fresh air intakes are checked for blockages
  • Visual inspection of heat exchange
  • Access door to blower checked for adequate seal
  • Wiring is reviewed and amp test conducted on blower motor
  • Drainage system is cleaned and checked
  • Burners are reviewed for ignition and burner flame
  • Blower wheel is cleaned and checked for debris.
  • Filters are checked and replaced if needed. There is a recommendation for how often this must be done, check with your HVAC technician for recommendations.

As you can see, an annual maintenance check is quite complete and should help to limit those “Hey Baby it’s cold moments.”

Is heating service something I can do myself?

Many homeowners wonder if they can perform these annual checks. The answer is this, “Would you do your own annual health exam?” As you can see from the list above, many of these test and inspections require not only specialized knowledge, but very specialized equipment as well.

This is one task best left to a HVAC professional. Give Chinook at call today at 509.736.1211 and ask about their heating service contracts. Don’t let you “Baby” get cold.