Finding an HVAC Contractor… HINT: It’s more than the tool belt.

Finding an HVAC Contractor

Finding an HVAC Contractor… HINT: It’s more than the tool belt.

Finding an HVAC Contractor… HINT: It’s more than the tool belt. 1920 960 Chinook

I had lunch with a friend the other day and we were chatting about our latest endeavors. I mentioned I was writing a piece on finding an HVAC contractor and she informed me that finding an HVAC contractor was the easiest thing she had ever done (she’s single); “it’s all in the tool belt”, she told me. So, here’s her tip:

  • When finding an HVAC contractor always interview in person, you need to see the tool belt dynamics
  • Have a set of standard questions you ask all. Don’t worry about content, the questions are only a distraction anyway.
  • Now, here’s the important part: As they’re answering your questions, watch if they’re continually adjusting their tool belt; the contractors that are really good treat their tool belts like an extension of their body and rarely acknowledge its’ presence, they’re the naturals and that’s who you hire.

Okay, now that you have stopped laughing and gotten up of the floor, let’s explore how to REALLY proceed in finding an HVAC contractor.

Finding an HVAC Contractor – Where to begin

When I’m looking for anything, I always start with friends, family and business associates for recommendations, and finding an HVAC contractor is no exception. I want to talk to someone I trust who has personally used this contractor. If I don’t have anyone in my sphere of influence that has experience with finding an HVAC contractor, then I usually will go with a business journal best of the best for local businesses or an internet recommendation. No matter how I pick them, I will still run a very extensive search for information on the contractor. Vetting and finding an HVAC contractor are two different things, keep reading to know what to look for.

Finding an HVAC Contractor-What should I look for?

When finding an HVAC contractor, after you have identified the companies you want to interview, what do they need to have to qualify?

  • Number one item, all their technicians should be licensed and certified based on your federal, state and local laws. HVAC work changes continually with updates in technology; licensed and certified technicians must complete a certain amount of CEU training yearly.
  • Absolute must, insurance; if they damage your property while completing the work you want to know you are covered. Don’t forget workers comp, you want to know they take care of their people, not you if they are hurt on the job.
  • Good reviews with past clientele. Word of mouth is still the best practice when finding an HVAC contractor. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations and don’t be afraid to call those recommendations. Google them, this is your chance to play detective!
  • Have them inspect the system and then provide a quote and timeline. Do this with multiple companies, I suggest a minimum of 3, so you can develop a baseline comparison model.
  • Make them put their recommendation and quote in writing and sign it.
  • Discuss timelines. All projects should have a clear timeline and a notification process for changes on both sides.

Myth de-bunked, finding an HVAC contractor has nothing to do with the tool belt

There you have it, myth debunked; how, when or even if an HVAC contractor wears a tool belt has absolutely nothing to do with how well they will perform.

Want to talk to real professionals in the HVAC game, call Chinook Heating and Air Condition in Kennewick at 509.736.1211. All their staff is knowledgeable, licensed and certified; even the ones that don’t wear a tool belt.

  • That’s really interesting that HVAC contractors need to take CEU training each year. My AC has been acting up lately, making weird sounds and not cooling the house down as fast as it did before. Your tips should help me find a trustworthy contractor who’ll be able to service my AC.

    • Chinook Heating & Air September 14, 2017 at 2:43 pm

      Hi Amanda, Chinook Heating & Air would love to service your AC as a trustworthy HVAC company. Let us know if we can help.