Humidity in the Home… A Balancing Act Worth Mastering.

Humidity in the Home… A Balancing Act Worth Mastering.

Humidity in the Home… A Balancing Act Worth Mastering. 150 150 Chinook

We can’t do anything about the humidity levels outside, but we can, and we should control the humidity in the home. Humidity in the home isn’t just a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of wellness, a matter of preservation and okay, yes, a matter of comfort.

Humidity in the home

Humidity in the home

For the Tri-Cities, humidity isn’t often used to describe our climate. In fact, we are rated as 0% humidity most of the year, with the short exception of July and August being considered comfortable. Comfortable not in temperature, but moisture! The fact that we are below recommended humidity levels is cause for concern.

Humidity in the home – A matter of wellness

According to an article in the Seattle Times, the preferred wintertime level inside a home should be 40 to 70% when inside temp is set at 68 degrees and outside temp is 30 degrees or less. With cold air, winter tends to be the worst time of year for low humidity or air that is too dry.

Humidity in the home isn’t just about moisture in the air, it’s also about how a lack of moisture can be just as damaging to your health. Dry air can dry the sinus passages to the point of cracking, which in turn can lead to sinus infections and respiratory illnesses. Then there’s the irritation of dry skin from lack of moisture, resulting in flaking and itching and lots of lotion.

Humidity in the home – A matter of prevention

Humidity uncontrolled in the house is not just a danger to your health, but also to the health of your home. Not enough humidity is an issue for home maintenance. Caulking around windows, doors and tubs can begin to dry and crack – making your cooling and heating system less efficient. Walls, ceilings, corners and trim can begin to crack over time.

Whole House Humidifier or a Standalone Unit?

Bottom line, humidity in the home, it’s a balancing act worth mastering at different times of the year. Getting a whole-house humidifier is a recommended solution in the Tri-Cities. After all, it’s not just your family room that needs proper humidity, it’s the entire house that will be dry! A single unit while easy to purchase and plug into the wall, doesn’t integrate with your entire HVAC system.

In contrast, a whole house humidifier can be controlled by a smart thermostat and adds moisture to air that is already cooling or heating your home. It’s more efficient and easier to control!

Chinook Heating & Air installs whole house humidifiers as a certified Aprilaire contractor. Some of our other solutions include:

  • Stage compressors to matching cooling capacity to load.
  • Equipment designed with dehumidification systems.
  • Controls that integrate humidity control.

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