A Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC in the Tri-Cities

New Homeowners Guide

A Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC in the Tri-Cities

A Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC in the Tri-Cities 1000 613 Chinook

Welcome to Home Ownership! You’ve watched HGTV, you’ve DIY’d a couple projects, heck you even have followers on Pinterest, but consider your limitations and follow some suggestions from this New Homeowner’s Guide to HVAC. Not everything should or can be handled by the non-professional.

Central HVAC System – Where to start

If you’re a new homeowner and particularly a first-time home owner, we suggest you start by familiarizing yourself with the system installed in your home and the condition it’s in.

Talk to your neighbors and get a recommendation for a good HVAC company to service your system. Make an appointment with them; plan to be there and let them know in addition to a routine maintenance, you’d like to talk about what is there, how it works and if it’s the best option. Share that you’re a new homeowner, many have discounts and handouts to help!

Don’t forget to ask about service contracts. Service contracts not only provide substantial savings, but many times they provide faster service in emergency situations. Just the familiarity alone with your equipment will lessen your down time substantially. Remember, 40% of your utility cost is heating and cooling your home. Here’s an in-depth contractor’s guide you should check out.

New Homeowners Guide to HVAC – What can you do

Don’t despair, there are items on your checklist to keep a new or old HVAC running efficiently. Here’s a few DIY tasks:

  • Regularly change your filters. At minimum one time per month. When you change the filters, take time to wipe down the intake cover of the filter compartment as well. Free airflow is essential to the efficiency of your system.
  • Thermostat settings should not be extreme, as this can tax the unit causing it to work harder. In the summer, consider a setting of between 70 and 76 degrees; in the winter a setting near 68 to 72 degrees.
  • Schedule regular maintenance; in fact, consider a service contract that includes preventative maintenance. Units that have regular maintenance last longer.
  • Plan for replacement by having an open and honest dialogue with your HVAC technician. If the home you bought is 15 years old and the HVAC units are original, you probably should be putting money aside for replacement in the next 2 to 5 years. Ask your HVAC contractor about financing options.
  • Keep the area around your outside unit free from debris. Again, optimizing the airflow is the best way to protect your unit.
  • Before you call for service try: checking the thermostat-are the settings all correct? If yes, turn the unit off, change out the filters and clean the return air grills, turn the unit back on. Still have an issue, call service. Never disassemble the unit apart on your own. Learn more here.

One of the best HVAC companies in the tri-cities area is Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning. Family owned and operated, they’ve helped many new homeowners with their New Homeowner Guide to HVAC. Give them a call for questions on your new system at 509.736.1211. By the way, welcome to the neighborhood!