Common Problem: AC doesn’t cool enough

AC cooling problem

Common Problem: AC doesn’t cool enough

Common Problem: AC doesn’t cool enough 1199 799 Chinook

Let’s just be honest, the temps this summer in Kennewick have been brutal from the mid to high 90’s and many people are finding they have a common AC cooling problem, their AC just doesn’t cool enough. This AC cooling problem hits you in two places, your comfort and your wallet. If an AC is constantly running to try to maintain a set temp, imagine that power bill. AC cooling problems are a no win, there is nothing worse than being hot and there are only so many clothes you can take-off and still remain in public. True?

Diagnosing your AC cooling problem

Diagnosing this AC cooling problems can be easy if you follow this step by step process I got from my friends at Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning in Kennewick. Please note, not all checks for AC cooling problems can be completed by a homeowner and should be performed only by a licensed air conditioning professional only. Check out the requirements click here.

  1. Start looking for your AC cooling problems by checking air temps at the grills. Is the air exiting the grills cold? If the air isn’t cold, you just found your AC cooling problem, but stop now and call your AC technician, as this fix will most likely be beyond the average homeowners’ level of knowledge.
  2. If your AC cooling problem isn’t the temp of the air coming out of the vent, but the flow of air seems low, you may want to check your air filters. When was the last time they were changed out? Good rule of thumb is every month and sometimes more depending on inside pets. While you’re at it, go out to the condensing unit, AC cooling problems can be caused by air blockage; make sure the area around it is clear from debris and vegetation. Now, go check the same vent, did your air flow increase? If it did, wait and see if this helps control the AC cooling problem of not enough cool.
  3. Another item to check when looking for AC cooling problems is thermostat settings. Sometimes people have the misconception that by running the fan on the air handler all the time the house will stay cooler. This actually has just the opposite effect as the vents will be blowing warm air into the house when the condensing unit is not engaged. Set your thermostat to “Auto” and adjust your temp accordingly. Also remember, continuing to turn down the setting when the unit is consistently running trying to reach your set temp can result in damage to the unit and freezing up which will require a licensed technician to remedy.
  4. The number one rule of AC ownership and the number one preventative against AC cooling problems is a Season Startup Maintenance Call with a licensed HVAC technician. Check out service contracts; prolong the life the unit plus get the benefit of a discounted service rates with premier service and less AC cooling problems.
  5. I’ve save this one for last because at some point you will have to admit it is time to replace your unit to solve your AC cooling problems. It may not even be just the age of the unit, what changes have you made to your home? Did those changes result in a larger heat load, your unit may now be under-sized. Either way, replacement is a time to call someone like my friends at Chinook in Kennewick, they can help you determine what’s best for your long term and short term.

Chinook Heating and Air Conditioning want to help you solve your AC cooling problems, so for more information or to set up an appointment, Call Chinook at 509.736.1211.